What is the "Power of 2?":  When ASTD members join both the national organization and their chapter, they choose to be knowledge leaders in the learning and development profession and change makers in their own backyard. Joint membership offers learning professionals a unique opportunity to connect with local, national, and international professionals. Joint members can learn about trends in the field, and gain access to research, principles, practices, and templates they can apply directly to impacting organizational results, their community, and advancing their career.

Chapters with more joint members benefit by having a stronger leadership pool and more engaged members.

Special membership discounts available for chapter leaders and chapter members. Click here for more information. Chapter leaders, click here for the special application for the $119 discounted national membership rate for chapter leaders.

CORE Membership Requirement: Increase in 2012! The CORE joint membership requirement has been frozen at 30 percent for three years because of national ASTD’s sensitivity to challenging economic conditions faced by chapters. The chapter leaders and National Advisors for Chapters who worked on the CORE element update in 2007 originally planned for an increase in this requirement by 5 percent over five years to reach the goal of 50 percent.

In 2012, the joint membership requirement for chapters will be 35 percent and will continue to increase by 5 percent each year to reach a 50 percent goal. Please work closely with your chapter relations manager and NAC advisor to ensure your chapter is preparing to reach the 2012 goal.

NEW RESOURCE: Check out this great new procedure developed by Rick Kerner, National Advisor for Chapters, and the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter. This document details out how the Eastern PA Chapter is collecting their joint membership payments as one bundle. Check it out here!

NEW RESOURCE: Many chapters are now collecting joint membership payments at the local level. Click here for a job aid on how chapters can process joint memberships and send the payments to national ASTD electronically.

National Member List Request Form
National ASTD members are good prospects for chapter members. To request the list in your area click here. The national member list should be used for the following purposes:

  1. To promote chapter membership
  2. To invite members to a chapter meeting or event
  3. To ensure CORE achievement with the chapter-national joint membership requirement

National information is confidential and for chapter use only. National member information should not be added to the chapter’s weekly correspondence.

Chapter Leader Testimonials
Check out what other chapter leaders have to say about joint membership!

How ASTD is Promoting Joint Membership

Resources for Chapters

  • Offering a discounted $179 national membership for chapter members:
    1)Use the template located below under "How chapters can promote joint membership".
    2)Call Customer Care at 800.628.2783 and ask for "Power of 2" rate.
    3)Simply have chapter members use the ChIP code on the ASTD online store to automatically get the $179 discounted rate.
  • Developing “Power of 2” joint membership campaign templates and materials.
  • Providing a national member roster for your state (request online by clicking here).
  • Calculating the joint membership percentage for chapters (contact your chapter relations manager).

Recognition of Chapters

  • Promoting joint membership through ads in T+D Magazine.
  • Including chapter information in national member welcome kits.
  • Featuring the “Excellence in Membership Growth” Chapter Excellence Award, awarded to chapters that demonstrate the highest overall growth rate of joint national and chapter members. ASTD will award a $1,000 cash prize for each award of excellence in each of three chapter size categories (for a total of nine awards).

Revenue for Chapters

  • Offering chapters the opportunity to earn additional revenue through Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP). Chapters earn $20 for each new national member and $10 for a membership renewal when ChIP code is used during online purchase. 

How Chapters Can Promote Joint Membership

National ASTD Membership Presentation 

Use this presentation to hold quarterly special membership meetings for chapter members who are not members of national to inform them of the national ASTD member benefits.

Click here to download.

Feel free to tweak this presentation to add information about your local chapter and its membership offerings.


Membership Application


Customizable Templates

Utilize the customizable templates, web banners, brochures, and “Power of 2” ads in your chapters marketing and communications initiatives. 

Download "Power of 2" web banners that you can use on your chapter website and in your e-newsletter.

  • Click here to download a horizontal "Power of 2" web banner
  • Click here to download a vertical "Power of 2" web banner 

Download and use "Power of 2" ads to promote joint membership in your newsletters and on your website.

Marketing Messages

Use the messages included in "The Value of ASTD Membership: Messages for Members and Potential Members" document when crafting marketing or communications pieces.


Chapter Board of Directors

  • Establish a chapter membership director position with accountability for overall joint membership growth and retention.
  • Establish annual chapter goals and a corresponding plan of action for membership growth, new member acquisition, and member retention and measure your results. (NOTE: If your chapter does not currently measure retention, consider putting a process in place to do so.)

Membership Chairs

  • Utilize the ASTD Membership Toolkit for helpful tools, resources, and information.
  • Download the "Power of 2" national-chapter logo and use it on your chapter communications and marketing materials.
  • Engage students to join your chapter by distributing student membership information at chapter events.
  • Encourage chapter members to consider national ASTD membership.
  • Schedule an event to recruit national members to your chapter.
  • Share your successful practices through the Sharing Our Success (SOS) program or by communicating them to your chapter relations manager, so that all can benefit.
  • Invite national members to a free chapter meeting.
  • Offer national members a discount on chapter membership.

BE CREATIVE – Do what will work best in your chapter!

How Chapters Can Sign Up National Members

Signing up national members is easy! Chapters can do so in these ways:

  • refer members to the ASTD Store (recommended method
    • suggest that chapter members use your ChIP code when joining national ASTD. Each new membership yields $20 in ChIP revenue for your chapter.
  • deposit checks from members and write one check to national ASTD with backup forms
  • mail all checks and membership forms to:

         Box 1567
         Merrifield, VA 22116-1567

Please note: Checks and membership forms should only be mailed to the lockbox address above, not ASTD chapter services or accounting departments.

For questions or for more information, please contact your chapter relations manager.


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